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Nobody knows the market place better than our professional recruiters. We are constantly talking to the people who know the business. We know your competitors. We know who’s doing the business and who is not. We understand what it would take to recruit a key player from your competition. Top talent in your organization is the key to a successful business . Top flight candidates are not spending the time reading online job descriptions…they are dedicating their time to performance. Our skill is in helping two good people come together. The best candidates can be recruited by the combined efforts of our professional recruiters and a successful hiring manager. We do all the leg work: We will assist you in the creation and specification of the candidate search. Then, we go to work. We identify, attract, screen, and qualify candidates, freeing up your time to interview the high-quality, on-target finalists we present to you.

We provide a variety of viable recruitment solutions including:

  • Contingency Search  

  • Contained Search 

  • Retained Search

  • Compensation Studies & Market Research

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