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Locating and securing the best talent available.

We specialize in locating and delivering the top talent in all key areas of industry, including the leading edge of technology. Our professional recruiters offer our clients a combination of vision, focus, and knowledge of the industry. We assist our clients to hire for where they are going, not for where they have been. This team is proud about each of the hundreds of positions filled and particularly proud of the multiple key executive search assignments that have been successfully completed, up to and including CEO's, CFO's, and CTO's.


With over two decades of “hands-on” professional recruiting experience and ownership to over 60 proprietary career related internet sites, Resource Partners provides aggressive, objective, and focused search campaigns to find the "right" person, no matter what it takes. Our research capability and team building approach allows us to locate and secure talent others would miss. Your complex searches receive the attention they deserve and access to candidates that make a difference to your bottom line. And today, just like yesterday, we are using the face to face meetings and direct telephone contact to establish and stay in personal touch with you and the candidates you covet. We specialize in identifying, attracting, and most importantly, securing top quality “passive” candidates who can step in and add value immediately to your organization.


Segments We Serve
  • Engineering

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Manufacturing

  • Operations & Logistics

  • Product Management

  • Information Technology

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Data/Business Intelligence

  • Project Management

  • Warehouse & Distribution

  • Online/E-Commerce/New Media

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